We are an analytics and strategic insights firm dedicated to the U.S. grocery retail industry

U.S. grocery retail industry

Our focus is helping conventional grocery retailers define and defend their in-store and online businesses by providing a comprehensive view of the market and converting current challenges into future opportunities.

80,000+ primary grocery shoppers surveyed

More than 75 industry reports published since 2011

Collaborated with over 100  grocery retail banners, CPGs, and solutions providers

40+ years focused on serving the grocery retail industry

Who We Serve

Retailers & Wholesalers

Our strategic consulting services are designed for conventional grocery retailers who are navigating the complexities of both in-store and online competition. 

By leveraging our extensive expertise, 
we help retail organizations address and overcome the strategic challenges and information needs unique to their position in the market.

Technology & Solution Providers

Our support for technology and solutions providers ranges from facilitating feedback on new concepts, to optimizing B2B sales and marketing efforts through increased visibility and appeal within the grocery sector. 

Through sponsorship opportunities, 
we offer industry exposure and association with thought-leading research that allows for more meaningful engagement with grocery retailers.

Product Manufactures

We supply essential context and perspective for CPGs and other suppliers competing for the emerging online segment of the business. 

Drawing on data from consumer behavior in the marketplace and supplemented by secondary Brick Meets Clicks research, our reports aim to enhance — not replace — the category and/or SKU-level data available from 
other sources.

Our Solutions

eGrocery  Reports

Immediate Insights, Customized Guidance

Access our published eGcocery reports instantly to gain critical insights and stay ahead in the market. For deeper understanding and tailored advice, schedule a one-on-one consultation. Focus on your business's unique needs and ensure you’re equipped to make informed decisions.

Sponsorships Opportunities

Rapid, Focused Strategy Development

Accelerate your strategic planning with our expert guidance, designed to meet your business’s specific goals. Our approach is streamlined for efficiency—focusing on tight scopes and clear objectives, enabling quick adjustments without compromising insight quality.

Custom Services

Adaptable, Insightful Consulting Services

We offer flexible, insightful consulting that aligns with your timeline, providing strategies and insights tailored to propel your business forward. From pricing analysis, to market forecast, benefit from our robust services designed to match your unique requirements.

Why We Exist

Brick Meets Click exists to guide traditional grocers and their suppliers through the complexities of grocery retail and digital technology.

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Guiding Digital Transition

We bring a sense of clarity to the decision-making process, 
helping our clients evaluate and integrate the digital solution that 
fits them best.

Clarifying Decision Paths

We bring a unique blend of industry expertise, forward-looking analysis, and actionable solutions to help our clients navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital transformation in grocery retail.

Visionary Strategic Advantage

We provide a vantage point that reveals not just what is happening today, but also what lies ahead, enabling our clients to anticipate changes, adapt strategies, and achieve a competitive edge.

Our Origin Story

The Evolution of Brick Meets Click

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brick meets click leadership and legacy

Our Vision

To be the premier source of objective and independent insights for grocery retailers, providing guidance on the integration of digital technology into their business models, and offering perspectives on consumer behavior related to grocery technology usage.

Our Mission

Committed to assisting traditional grocers in refining, defining, and defending their in-store and online businesses, Brick Meets Click empowers retailers to navigate digital disruption by providing insights that help adapt their business by closely following how today’s customers are using technology and knowing eGrocery inside and out.

Our Values

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Data Driven Expertise

Our perspective is informed by data and backed by our expertise in grocery retail.

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We challenge assumptions and interrogate insights to provide a clear path forward.

grocery ecommerce analytics simplified

Simplify the Complex

We create frameworks that make complex issues easier to understand and bring key factors into focus.

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Support and Service

We are dedicated to empowering grocers and their suppliers with the knowledge, analysis, and frameworks necessary to make informed decisions.

The Brick Meets Click Team

Meet the innovators behind our success.

Steve Bishop

Partner & Co-founder

Steve is Partner and Co-Founder of Brick Meets Click. He delivers practical, executable strategic guidance that helps companies react effectively to the fast changing consumer and retail landscape. He focuses particularly on the importance of and nuance involved in achieving effective alignment between trade partners in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

David Bishop

Partner & Research Lead

As a Partner at Brick Meets Click, David manages our research and retailer benchmarking programs. The longest-running program started in 2010, and involves close collaboration with grocery retailers across the U.S. to survey shoppers about how they use various digital tools and communications to help them shop for products both online and in-store.

Cindy Christian

Managing Editor

Cindy enjoys studying how people interact with food, retail stores, buildings, and technology. These days she wears many of the communication "hats" at Brick Meets Click from content generation to social media to web master and community manager.

Susan Lindsay

Senior Editor

Susan makes sure that our expertise can be understood clearly and quickly in our blogs, Lookouts, interviews, papers, and reports. Before joining Brick Meets Click, she translated retailing research projects into accessible reports for industry audiences for more than a decade.

Bill Bishop

In Memoriam

Recognized as one of the retail food industry’s preeminent advisors, Bill was involved in research and consulting for several decades with a concentration on the new issues and developments impacting this business.

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