Forecasting eGrocery’s Market Size

This pivotal research provides a detailed five-year outlook, projecting trends and transformations in the U.S. grocery market from 2024 through 2028. 

The annual report meticulously analyzes the evolution of online and in-store sales, offering segmentations by Pickup, Delivery, and Ship-to-Home to equip you with the foresight needed for strategic planning.

Deep Market Insights

Understand emerging trends and how they will impact the eGrocery sector over the next five years.

Strategic Planning

Equip your business with data-driven forecasts to refine your long-term strategies.

Competitive Advantage

Gain an edge over competitors by leveraging detailed insights into future market dynamics.

Investment Guidance

Make informed decisions on where to allocate resources, invest in technology, and adapt your business model.

How to Leverage the eGrocery Market Share Report

Understanding future trends in eGrocery is vital for anyone looking to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving market landscape.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Utilize deep market insights for forward-looking strategy development.

Marketing and Sales Strategy

Marketing and Sales Strategy

Align your sales and marketing efforts with consumer and market trends.

Investment Decisions

Investment Decisions

Make informed investment decisions based on market dynamics and future potential.

Insightful Projections for Strategic Decisions

Explore a curated sample list of figures from the three sections of our forecast report, offering a glimpse into the critical data and analysis contained within:

egrocery share in us

Sections 1 & 2

Background & Topline Forecasts:  Total, In-store, and Online

Total Grocery Sales Forecasted CAGR through ’28  

U.S. Grocery Sales and Inflation Trend

U.S. Grocery Price Inflation in ’23

Grocery Spending Index in ’23 by Household Size

Forecasted Online vs. In-Store Grocery Sales - CAGR Through ’28

Projected Household Penetration by Shopping Mode

Share of eGrocery Sales Captured by Mass

Share of Supermarket eGrocery Sales by Provider Type

Components of Online Grocery’s Forecasted Sales Growth through ’28

Year-over-Year Change in Online vs. In-store Sales: ’24 through ’28 

Online Share of Forecasted Grocery Sales: ’23 through ’28

eGrocery Basket of Goods Index: 3P vs. 1P Sites

Section 3

Online Forecast by Method

Forecasted Sales by Receiving Method –
5-Year CAGR Ending 2028 

Share of U.S. Online Grocery Sales by Receiving Method  

Example: Availability of Delivery and Pickup Services

Example: Grocery Delivery Service Options from Mass Retailers in Zip Code 60564

Monthly eGrocery Order Frequency by Method

Monthly Active Users Completing One eGrocery Order per Month

Projected Household Penetration by Receiving Method

Projected Household Usage by Receiving Methods

When Households Most Recently Used Pickup or Delivery in ’23

Average Order Value by Method: ’20 through ’28

Average Order Value by eGrocery Customer Type

Additional Charts in Background section

eGrocery Sales Share by Retail Format in ’23

Number of Methods Used to Receive eGrocery Orders

Share of Households Comparison – Total U.S. vs. Pickup & Delivery

‘23 Year-over-Year Change in eGrocery Sales

U.S. Households and Internet Usage

Internet Usage by Age Group

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