Susan Lindsay

Susan Lindsay

Susan makes sure that our expertise can be understood clearly and quickly in our blogs, Lookouts, interviews, papers, and reports. Before joining Brick Meets Click, she translated retailing research projects into accessible reports for industry audiences for more than a decade.

Earlier in her career, Susan worked in publishing and politics before settling into a long run in marketing communications. Now she she's an editor and writer whose job is to keep people's words from getting in the way of what they're trying to say.

Editors and writers have “double hearing,” she says. We can listen past the words to “hear” what someone is trying to say, and we can also “hear” what audiences need in order to understand it. The skill is in the listening – understanding the expert and the audience and then translating. "Wordsmithing" doesn't exactly describe that zingy thing we love about connecting ideas and information to audiences so that people “get it.”

Susan lived in New Orleans, New York, and Atlanta before she landed in the best place of all, North Carolina.

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