The Six Degrees of Digital Connections

Growing grocery sales in an omnichannel world

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The old mass communications model has splintered, losing both efficiency and effectiveness. Today's grocery retailers need to shift gears and connect with customers using digital channels, including online shopping, in order to survive and thrive.

Are you on the right track?  Are you getting the results you want? 

We'll deliver the findings and insights from this report in a Custom Team Briefing that brings your team up to speed on how US grocery shoppers are using the “six degrees of digital connections,” and that increases your ability to engage shoppers more effectively in the digital space.  

2013 Grocery Report Overview

Key takeaway

The six digital connections are not separate from the store – instead, they enrich, enhance and support the in-store experience in ways that mass media messages never could, creating a continuous connection with the store that feeds interest, loyalty, and sales.

Connections and Consequences

Making the business case

The relationships we observed are striking enough to suggest that building digital connections can help grow primary shoppers and drive up satisfaction with shopping the store in an omnichannel world.   

Did you know?

  • 80% of shoppers with six degrees of digital connections were primary shoppers of that retailer.  This drops to 61% of shoppers when they have only one digital connection.
  • Shopper satisfaction with a retailer’s store more than tripled as the number of digital connections increased from one to six.

The Six Degrees of Digital Connections

Email, websites, texting, social networks, mobile and online grocery

  • Benchmarks. We identify minimums and maximums as well as averages so you can compare your performance with other retailers.
  • Guidance. The best performers identify what they did to make their connection so successful.
  • Synthesis. When we put it all together, you have a big picture that will allow you to choose your own path.  

*Current grocery shopper research: The quantitative results in this report come from a survey of 22,000+ grocery shoppers who were contacted through six different supermarket banners in late spring and early summer of 2013. It builds on the research with 23,000+ grocery shoppers that Brick Meets Click conducted in 2012.