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"Working with the Brick Meets Click team opened our eyes to some new possibilities. They made it easy to get to the answers we needed."

Steve Black, VP of Operations, Sprouts Farmers Market

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Meeting omnichannel requirements

Omnichannel convergence

Last year's interview with Bill Davis on "Defining omnichannel retail" was a great way to start the dialogue about this significant shift, and in fact it's one of our most-viewed blogs. Now it's time to take the conversation to the next level – requirements for execution. Here, Davis shares the learnings he’s gleaned from his work on a number of omnichannel transition projects – specifically related to the focus, effort, and time required for a retailer to make the transition successfully.

6 factors keeping retailers in the doldrums

The Lookout

6 factors keeping retailers in the doldrums

There’s a lot of power in the idea that a properly defined problem is more than half solved. So: Why are so many retailers still in the doldrums 5 years after the “great recession” has ended? Four factors are called out in a recent Fortune article. It's a good start, but we think there’s more to the story.

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Using the Playbook for Success: A 3-step guide to driving growth (Presentation)

Every retailer wants a straightforward way to jumpstart the sales of  underperforming stores or maybe their entire chain. This 12-minute presentation is an easy way to see if the growth platforms in The Playbook for Success can be of value to your company.

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