Change: Ready or not, here it comes!

Looking for future trendsThe magnitude and rate of change we're involved in today is unprecedented. Mobile devices are permanently changing the fabric of our lives. And speed is changing the way we make decisions. Tom Van Aman has thought longer and harder than almost anyone we know about change, and these are among the topics he brought up when we invited him to a free-wheeling discussion about what's happening today and how it will affect the future. more

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Food prices, substitutability, and shoppers

Corn and money

Food prices strongly affect the growth of the overall market, as well as the growth available to individual companies. We turned to Brian Todd, President of The Food Institute, to get the most up-to-date facts on food prices as well as expert foresight. Brian is a long-time food professional and is frequently quoted on the outlook for food prices and other issues related to food from farm to fork. more

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Going for growth in grocery

retail growthThe bleak title of the article about the 2012 Supermarket News Analyst Roundtable was “Grim Prognosis,” but there are some “silver lining” opportunities that are worth considering by any food retailer who is serious about growing their business. more

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Adapting to multi-channel

Europe map

Steps European retailers are taking

In London last month, I had a chance to catch up with Marc de Speville, who watches retail in Europe for Redburn, Europe’s leading independent equities broker. When he shared his observations about how food and electronics retailers were responding to the multi-channel trend, I was struck by how brick-and-mortar retailers who sell such different products were starting to focus on leveraging the inherent advantages they have over pure online players. more

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Swedish retail

Swedish FlagFacing retail challenges in Sweden

BMC Black Belt Hakan Bengtsson traveled from Sweden to Chicago recently, and we asked him how Northern European retailers were dealing with the trend toward multi-channel retailing. In this interview, he answers our questions and then asks some of his own. Hakan works for Centigo, a leading management consultancy based in Stockholm, where his specialty is advising clients on how the convergence of the web and physical stores is affecting commerce. more

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