Blog Making the connection with food more efficient

Relay Foods has created a virtual food marketplace that is economically viable on a per order basis, complete with network pick-up locations, great customer retention, and a surplus of local suppliers clamoring to get into their system. We talked with President and Co-Founder Arnie Katz about his food experiences and how Relay is winning over shoppers.

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Selling solutions drive top-line growth

Offering shoppers "solutions" by combing complimentary items (a.k.a. bundling) is a powerful tool to increase transaction size, and it's already driving sales for both online and brick and mortar retailers.  Done effectively, bundling can have a big impact on top-line growth. Do the math: How much would your sales increase if shoppers added just one more item to half of their transactions? more


Big Data: Surveying the future of retail analytics

unlockingThe paper on our second big data survey identifies where and how big data is adding value on both the demand and supply sides of the business. While large-scale solutions will be required for some of the issues identified, that's clearly not stopping retailers from moving forward. more

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Another approach to personalized food shopping

big, a cloud-based, personalized grocery shopping platform, was brought to our attention because of how closely they aligned their work with Facebook. We were impressed with how Foodie is building new digital connections between shoppers and retailers.  The platform currently operates in Finland and England where people can access it via the internet or a mobile app.  Here, we interview Kalle Koutajoki, co-founder and CEO of Digital Foodie Ltd., the parent company of, so that you can get a better picture of their vision and delivery. more

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