Food shopping & digital tech: Are we thinking boldly enough?

red bomb pngSo far, most of the retail food sector’s attention to technology has focused on helping people execute “traditional” shopping activities quicker and easier – building shopping lists, personalizing circulars, offering digital coupons – but there are signs that much bigger changes are on the way. Here's what I see. more

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Online grocery logistics: 5 key questions

Treasure logisticsWith the growing activity around grocery ecommerce, it's a great time to delve into the potential of dark stores, the growth of click & collect, and the significance of different kinds of location analysis with someone who is already well up the learning curve. Given this objective, I immediately thought of Will Treasure who is a Director for the UK-based Javelin Group. His keen ability to explain how “getting the logistics right” for the many moving parts of a successful ecommerce grocery operation makes this Q&A a must-read. more


Exploring the digital path to purchase with Tom Furphy

Tom Furphy's unique journey through both in-store and ecommerce selling is what made me want to tap into his vision and thinking. After a successful tour with leading US food retailer Wegman’s, he served Amazon as VP of Consumables and AmazonFresh. There, his teams launched and oversaw the growth of Amazon’s Health & Beauty and Grocery businesses, the development of Subscribe-and-Save, and the launch of AmazonFresh local grocery delivery service. Today, he's chairman of IdeoClick, Inc. more

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Improving the ROI of retail email campaigns

EmailChanging what you don't know (or aren't doing) can drive shopper engagement. I first came across the work of reach | influence while they were supporting an innovative shopper marketing program for IGA retailers. They were new to the food business, and the “fresh eye” their leadership brought to some long standing challenges was very helpful. They know a LOT about effective retail email practices, and I asked them to share some of their guidance and experience in a recent interview. more


Taking food retail marketing to the next level

I've been watching Bob Wheatley bring a fresh consumer marketing perspective to a retail reinvention project, and I'm impressed with his ability to see where consumers are headed. He combines the skill and discipline of an accomplished CPG marketer with the quick reflexes of a successful retailer – important talents to bring if you want to play successfully in the brick meets click space. Here's our conversation.  more

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