May 4, 2023

Video: Profiling the eGrocery Shopper - What Grocers need to know

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In this video, Mark Fairhurst from Mercatus and David Bishop from Brick Meets Click discuss the new Profiling the Online Shopper: eGrocery Purchase Patterns in the U.S . report which delves deep into the four major grocery retail formats – Supermarkets, Walmart, Target, and Hard Discount – and reinforces why retailers should know theircore customers and the value each represents. Grocers, get evidenceto support refinements in how you compete online – especially againstthe lower-priced leaders in the market like Walmart.

:12 David, can you give us a quick overview of the new research about eGrocery shoppers?

:27 Where does the data in the analysis come from?

1:44 What are the key findings/insights?

3:24 Are there any specific insights that grocery executives might find surprising?

8:24 How do Walmart's investments in an improved customer experience for online grocery customers impact regional grocers?

10:42 What percentage of online shoppers has Walmart gained compared to Supermarkets?

12:23 How can grocery retailers compete against Walmart's growth - both in-store and online?

15:06 How can folks get a copy of this report?