February 15, 2024

Video: eGrocery Insights - Jan '24

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This month Mark Fairhurst and David Bishop discuss the January '24 YOY results, how supermarkets are faring against Mass and Hard Discount, and what factors may be causing regional grocers to reconsider their eGrocery go-to market strategy, especially related online pricing.

Chapters in the video

:00 Intro

:32 Jan' 24: eGrocery sales up 1.8% YOY

1:13 What factors drove the growth in Jan '24?

4:18 What's the definition of a lapsed customer? Why do they return?

7:06 How are the discount retailers (aka Mass and Hard Discounters) faring?

9:18 Are there market pressures that are starting to make regional grocers reconsider their eGocery go-to-market strategy?

12:14 A Changing Pricing Philosophy: Time to move on from pricing parity  

16:19 Pricing a Product and a Service: Annoyance Fees vs. Convenience

17:15 Transaction Share: 1st party vs. 3rd party

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