July 11, 2023

Online Grocery Pricing 2023: Custom Research and Roadmap with Mercatus & Brick Meets Click

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Brick Meets Click is proud to collaborate with Mercatus (MCT) on this important work, which comes at a time when it’s only getting harder to compete against much larger rivals like Walmart and other national grocers.

MCT’s report makes the case for why a new pricing paradigm is a good fit for regional grocers and offers a framework for implementing the elements of this progressive approach. This includes:

  • Getting fresh insights into how customers perceive and/or respond to online grocery pricing.
  • Seeing how explicit costs can shape customer behaviors in ways that assist the grocer in reducing the cost of fulfilling an online order for Pickup.
  • Helping online customers save money by giving them more control and choice.

What makes this resource so valuable is that it guides you step by step through this approach, and highlights key issues to consider, analyze, and agree on internally.

As a result, the framework can help regional grocers develop a more sustainable online strategy in which pricing’s role better aligns with customer expectations and competitive positioning.

Click HERE to read and/or download this new research report.