September 4, 2023

Measuring the Online Grocery Market: eGrocery Share in the U.S

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" Measuring the Online Grocery Market: eGrocery Share in the U.S. " is areport created by Brick Meets Click and sponsored by Mercatus.

Thisreport shows there has been a dramatic shift in the online grocery sales landscapeover the past year. Mass retailers, led by Walmart, have quicklyexpanded their market share, creating a difficult environment forregional grocers.

Check out the conversation between Mark Fairhurst, CGO at Mercatus and BMC's David Bishop.

1:29 What's the key takeaway of this latest research report?

2:15 How does the increase in mass merchant sales impact online grocery fulfillment methods?

4:35 Are the sales gains make by mass merchants irreversible?

5:50 Are mass merchants better at executing their online grocery strategies compared to regional grocers?

7:13 Within mass merchants, how are the combine sales numbers split between the major retailers?

9:43 How can regional grocers fortify themselves in today's competitive and inflationary environment?

12:54 What's the most valuable customer segment of shoppers who purchase their groceries online?

14:17 What other external factors are impacting online grocery sale shares?

23:25 Before we sign off, what are your thoughts on the recent acquisition announcement made by Aldi?

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