About Brick Meets Click

Bill Bishop and Steve Bishop teamed up to create Brick Meets Click in 2011 and focus on retail from the shopper's perspective.

Our roots in retail run deep, especially in grocery. BMC's Chief Architect, Bill Bishop, also founded Willard Bishop LLC, the go-to resource for the supermarket sector for more than 30 years.

Today, BMC staff and partners combine a lifetime of experience in retailing with a focus on how technology is changing the way people shop and what business can do about it.


To help retailers, suppliers, and technology service providers create the foresight, tools, and relationships they need to grow their businesses in 2014 and beyond.


To be the place where people can always turn to get a clear, commercial-free perspective on how digital is impacting the shopping experience.


Searching out evolving retail business models; identifying, evaluating, and testing opportunities for growth in the changing marketplace; and helping businesses identify and execute on their most strategic next steps.

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