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"Working with the Brick Meets Click team opened our eyes to some new possibilities. They made it easy to get to the answers we needed."

Steve Black, VP of Operations, Sprouts Farmers Market

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Why average is going to kill you in retailing & other 2014 trends

Dont Look Back 2Each year the management consultancy Centigo AB produces, Centigo Retail Outlook, a major report on seven new retailing trends they’re seeing across the world.  The reports are always full of creative insight and this year is no exception. Håkan Bengtsson, one of the report’s authors, is also a BMC Black Belt. We talked with him recently about some of the things they’ve learned during the work. Here’s a sample of what the team at Centigo is seeing.

What grocery leaders can learn from Bill Marriott's view of the future

The Lookout

What grocery leaders can learn from Bill Marriott's view of the future

When management takes responsibility for the future of the business the way Bill Marriott does, it’s worth a serious look. The Chairman of the $19 billion dollar hotel management company is making bold moves to ensure his business is ready for its next wave of customers – 60% of whom will be Millennials in just four years.

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How to Leverage Digital Influence to Grow Same Store Sales (Presentation)

Sustainable food retail growth depends on increasing same store sales.  Digital influence can help, but this requires a new approach to customer communications – one that provides a lot more than price and promotions and that delivers experiences that make shoppers want to engage and come back to the store again and again.

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