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"Working with the Brick Meets Click team opened our eyes to some new possibilities. They made it easy to get to the answers we needed."

Steve Black, VP of Operations, Sprouts Farmers Market

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Personalized Supply Chains: The next generation of shopper marketing

Personalized supply chainsWhile many retailers are focused on delivering personalized promotions and products as a way to break through the clutter, shoppers have been quietly using the growing range of options to create what we call personalized supply chains. Heads up folks, this could be the next generation of shopper marketing.

Plated & Blue Apron connect supply and demand in a new way

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Plated & Blue Apron connect supply and demand in a new way

Restaurant carryout is the main “home meal replacement” today, but there’s a new online competitor for this potentially profitable market: meal kit companies like Blue Apron and Plated, which are essentially kitchens that blend data and ingredients to produce a service efficiently.

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Using the Playbook for Success - A 3-step guide to driving growth (Video)

Every retailer wants a straightforward way to jumpstart the sales of  underperforming stores or maybe their entire chain. This 12-minute presentation is an easy way to see if the growth platforms in The Playbook for Success can be of value to your company.

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