Untangling the Social Web

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The Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council’s new five-part report delivers valuable context for any retailer entering or navigating the social media landscape. Part One of Untangling the Social Web  delivers a concise history of social networking’s history and development.

You might want to bookmark the CCRRC blog so you can pick up the installments as they roll out.

  • February: Social networking traits, behaviors and motivators
  • March: Consumer and shopper mind-sets
  • March: The value of social networking for brands and retailers
  • April: The effectiveness of professional social networking

Special note: BMC Black Belts Michael Sansolo (CCRRC Research Director) and Craig Elston (The Integer Group) helped CCRRC develop this report.


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BlackBeltMichael Sansolo said:
Although we all spend so much time talking about social networking, many companies and many executives remain confused about the realities of this new world, the opportunities and the challenges. This study cuts into all of that to provide a foundation for discussion and action.
Please take a look at the parts of the study as they are released and any feedback is welcome. Also, keep an eye on the blog referenced above for updates and an additional avenue for commentary.
The most recent blog--yes, it's mine--compares the social structure of high school cliques and clubs to what's taking place in the social web.

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