The Lookout

The growing credibility of bitcoin

While bitcoin has vulnerabilities on several fronts, it now appears that it just might have a chance to prove itself in the marketplace.

Arguing the future of CPG category management

It’s useful to see an argument in support of category management since some people have already concluded that being shopper-centric requires moving away from the traditional product/category orientation in order to organize around shoppers’ needs for CPGs. The “net” winners of this debate will have a significant impact on how retail analysis of data creates value for shoppers, retailers, and suppliers in the future. 

Sears launches its marketplace

In the new “Fulfilled by Sears” program, the retailer seeks to leverage their extensive IT and distribution capabilities by offering an online marketplace experience. Third-party sellers will be able to get exposure to “Shop Your Way” rewards customers, and Sears will handle fulfillment.  We think the new venture has a lot going for it but we also have some questions.

Amazon vs. Safeway

like magicFood for thought: Mark Rogowsky does a nice job of defining the challenge of keeping up with state-of-the-art 21st century retailers in his recent Forbes article, Amazon and Safeway: Magic vs. Maddening.  Rogowsky compares his Amazon experience, which continues to focus relentlessly on shopper satisfaction, to his experience at his local Safeway, where his frequency of visits has diminished from  “regular” to “once a month or so” over the last several years.

Foursquare's effort to transform the shopping experience

Foursquare Labs Inc., the startup that created an app enabling people to “check-in” their current location via smartphone, seems to be positioning itself in the thick of efforts to transform the shopping experience. They’re rapidly evolving from a check-in tool into a search app that helps create new sources of value for shoppers from geo-location data.

Getting smarter about tracking retail returns

blue dressWhen big data analysis gets applied to apparel returns, some shoppers are going to find out that “wear/use-and-return” scams will not be as easy to pull off. This practice costs retailers a lot of money (about $8.9 billion in 2012), but many have accepted it as a cost of doing business. See how data is making it possible to get smarter with tracking and even preventing retail returns.

Coalition loyalty programs on the rise

Loyalty programs are moving in the direction of coalition vs. single operator programs.  It’s easy to see the shopper benefits - shoppers earn rewards quicker and get multi-channel convenience at the same time. We expect, however, that coalition programs are more likely to grow organically rather than sweeping across the market with as a comprehensive change.

What’s the potential of same day delivery?

same dayDo shoppers really want/value same day delivery? When the Boston Consulting Group asked if same day delivery improved the online shopping experience, only young high-income urban dwellers (yes, Yuppies) responded with enthusiasm. We’re not so sure things will stay this way though.