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Learning from Barnes & Noble's multi-channel struggles

Barnes & Noble projects a drop in same-store sales for 2014. There's no consensus on why, but many theories are discussed in this WSJ article.  One thing is certain, adjusting to changing customer needs has become even more challenging now that retail has gone multi-channel. There are no best practices for how to do this but testing and learning seems like it would lead to more sure-footed responses. more

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The future of mobile wallets and mobile payment

red walletHas “if you build it, they will come” worked for mobile wallets and payment systems? Some surprises are unfolding as this plays out.  First, 68 million unbanked Americans could could turn out to be key players. Second, it's not even certain who's going to stay in the race. more

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Marketing evolves in the digital age

marketing evolutionThis Economist article lays out the challenges and opportunities facing marketing as the discipline moves more deeply into the world of the connected consumer. Though it focuses heavily on the CMO experience, it also calls out paradigm-shifting changes that everyone interested in marketing’s evolution needs to pay attention to. more

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Amazon and grocery delivery

Amazon FreshThe main reason Amazon’s same-day grocery delivery hasn’t moved faster is the relatively low value per pound makes it expensive to perform a function shoppers have typically taken care of. But that’s not stopping Amazon; they seem primed to make a move soon. more

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