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The Automated Supermarket: Part 1

Automated supermarketJohn Lert’s vision of the automated supermarket is a concept that I think has the potential to reinvent the grocery store, reduce the cost of operations, and double sales per square foot thanks to increased customer appeal. In the first installment of this two-part interview, Lert describes the store from the shopper’s point of view. Next week, in Part 2, he talks about how it works for retailers.

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Data vs. retail fundamentals: Jewel leaves loyalty program behind

Data hurdle 2Is great retail execution enough to succeed against competitors who are investing in shopper data? The debate plays out in real time now that it looks like Jewel food stores in Chicago are discontinuing their loyalty program, but while we're debating is important work going undone? We talk with Lynn Olsen about the investments retailers need to be making to make data work for them.