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At the intersection of big data and better food choices

ShopWell logoElliott Grant’s 20+ US patents testify to his love of finding elegant solutions to hard problems. Among his creations is a technology that enables capture of supply chain insights on over $10bn worth of products a year. When we heard he was working on an app that helps consumers connect their food shopping with their nutritional needs, we wanted to know more. Here, he talks with us about how shoppers use the app, how it personalizes nutrition scoring for individual products, and what retailers can learn from the data it generates.

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Grocery ecommerce: the long tail, the last mile, and the future

PJ Stafford’s wide range of experience make him a great source for thinking about how ecommerce might transform the grocery marketplace. Here, the Co-President of Honest Green, the ecommerce division of UNFI, talks with us about why he's convinced grocery is ready to move into the mainstream of ecommerce, how natural retailers and supermarkets can serve the “Long Tail” needs of their customers, and what retailers need to do to take full advantage of the opportunity. 


How and why retailers need to find a role in the sharing economy

How and why retailers need to find a role in the sharing economy The “sharing economy” is not a fad according to research studies, and in fact it’s becoming a larger part of the way many people around the world buy and access goods and services. Nielsen recently found that more than half of those surveyed in the US were “willing to share or rent personal assets for financial gain” and more than 40% would be willing to lease goods and services. 


Kroger buys Vitacost: shows where they are placing their bets

Kroger buys Vitacost: shows where they are placing their bets Supermarkets need to find new ways to grow, but until now most of the ideas haven't really taken off.  First, it was Whole Health and meal solutions - more recently in-store clinics looked like they had potential. Kroger’s purchase of shows where they are placing their bets, i.e. in fast-growing categories such as healthy living at a lower cost and new channels e.g. ecommerce.



Watching Walmart test and try new strategies

Watching Walmart test and try new strategies Walmart offered a vision of where food and grocery retailing is headed at its annual meeting that includes smaller formats and increasing ecommerce integration. Watching the largest retailer in the world test and try out different strategies to address changing shopper needs and behaviors raises some fascinating questions for the rest of us as we struggle to re-invent go-to-market strategies.

NEW FEATURE!!! Audio insights from Bill Bishop. CLICK HERE  to hear what Walmart's experiments mean for other grocery retailers.

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Taking food retail marketing to the next level

I've been watching Bob Wheatley bring a fresh consumer marketing perspective to a retail reinvention project, and I'm impressed with his ability to see where consumers are headed. He combines the skill and discipline of an accomplished CPG marketer with the quick reflexes of a successful retailer – important talents to bring if you want to play successfully in the brick meets click space. Here's our conversation. 


The CMO Guide to Omnichannel Personalization

The CMO Guide to Omnichannel Personalization Find out how leading CMOs are meeting the changing needs of their more empowered customers in this new report.  It clearly illustrates the connection between customer retention and engaging the unique needs of customers, and then shows how a range of retail verticals achieve this goal.