Playbook for Success

Playbook for SuccessThe specifics in the Playbook for Success, published by NACS/CCRRC, apply to convenience retailers, but the principles apply to all: Deliver on the basics, defend your turf, and attract new business. To find the right opportunities to use technology to drive sales and improve performance, sometimes it helps to step back and look at the big picture.


Guidance for 2013: Acting on Key Shopper Trends

Guidance for 2013Our retail Guidance for 2013 paper focuses on the most significant changes taking place among shoppers today. It identifies six key shopper trends, examines insights they reveal, and offers guidance for retailers on how to respond in the short and long term. “Responding to shoppers is the most crucial component of successful retail strategies, and these six trends point the way,” says Bill Bishop, Chief Architect of Brick Meets Click.


Starbucks goes hyper-local

Starbucks logoRetailers typically try to achieve hyper-localization by altering the assortment in specific stores, so Starbucks’ novel approach to localization caught our eye. They’re designing the exterior of a new wave of stores to reflect the materials, attitudes, and styles of the area where the store is located.  This  Fast Co article explains the program. The new stores are smaller, modular, factory-built and assembled on-site, but their exteriors vary. The façade of a Colorado store is clad in Wyoming snow fencing, for example.


Publix adds another digital touchpoint

Publix logoOn the go and want to order a deli sandwich, no waiting? Publix is making that easy with an online ordering system that adds another digital touchpoint for thier shoppers. Simply access the internet via a mobile device or computer to select a sub, toppings, and even how thinly the meat should be sliced; then specify a pickup time. The store emails a confirming order number. All shoppers have to do is show up, collect the order, and pay. No waiting to order, no waiting for prep, and shorter transaction times.


Uncovering new platforms for retailer growth

C-growthA recent National Association of Convenience Stores/Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council report focuses on identifying growth opportunities for convenience retailers, but the learnings have implications for others as well. The project began with a question: “What can our shoppers tell us that would encourage them to spend more in our stores?” For answers, the Council, known as NACS/CCRRC, turned to some innovative shopper research. The findings revealed valuable insights into how shoppers think about convenience occasions, and these led to development of five new potential growth platforms. Here are two points that retailers of all stripes can use in their search for growth opportunities with shoppers.