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Using digital to improve the customer experience

Using digital to improve the customer experience Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz generated lots of buzz recently when he expanded his role in digital retailing as part of a top-level shift in the company. He calls the growth of online shopping a “seismic” shift in customer behavior and he wants to speed up Starbucks’ digital response. We see others  leveraging digital to improve the customer experience also, such as in food courts.
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Omnichannel Overview 1.0

With so much talk about omnichannel, we wanted to summarize our current thinking and point out some good executions. We plan to regularly update this paper and you can be part of this by suggesting an omnichannel execution that you feel shows how this is evolving.Just send a brief description of why you feel that it is unique and please keep in mind that content on Brick Meets Click is noncommercial; i.e. no selling.


Playbook for Success

Playbook for SuccessThe specifics in the Playbook for Success, published by NACS/CCRRC, apply to convenience retailers, but the principles apply to all: Deliver on the basics, defend your turf, and attract new business. To find the right opportunities to use technology to drive sales and improve performance, sometimes it helps to step back and look at the big picture.