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How technology is taking retail back to the future

Stuart Armstrong was pushing the boundaries of using POS data at IRI to understand shopping behavior when I first met him. Today, he’s pushing the boundaries of using digital screens to communicate with shoppers inside stores at ComQi. I think he has important things to say about where we’re going with the technology-enhanced shopping experience, which changes in the retail environment are most transformative, and how retailers and brands are using interactive screens to build customer relationships.


Playbook for Success

Playbook for SuccessThe specifics in the Playbook for Success, published by NACS/CCRRC, apply to convenience retailers, but the principles apply to all: Deliver on the basics, defend your turf, and attract new business. To find the right opportunities to use technology to drive sales and improve performance, sometimes it helps to step back and look at the big picture.


Personal power & vendor relationship marketing

Power bolt in fist“Consumer technology use has shifted the balance of power from retailers to shoppers,” we say, but has the industry fully grasped how far the pendulum could swing?  “No!” says Doc Searls in a provocative WSJ column. He describes a future in which shoppers define and drive what could be called the “C2B” economy via “intentioncasts.” They broadcast their need to vendors who meet their terms and conditions, collect offers from them, and then make a selection. He calls it VRM (for Vendor Relationship Marketing), and it completely reverses the direction in which CRM flows.

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Picking the perfect part: Customer support for complex purchases

Man Working on CarOver the last several months we’ve asked the thought leaders in several Brick Meets Click segments to share what’s happening in their business that would be of interest to the broader community. In this blog, Phil Bishop and Joe Register talk about how digital technology is changing shopping in the automotive aftermarket and positively impacting product marketing and supply chain efficiency.