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PeapodPhillyLots of the buzz around Peapod’s new billboard stores at Philadelphia transit stops is about the excitement of m-commerce – but we think something bigger is going on. Retailers are trying strategies that bring the products to the people instead of bringing the people to the products. Tesco’s virtual store in Seoul subways and P&G’s in Prague illustrate the same kind of thinking.



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BlackBeltMike Spindler said:
The billboards and on-train ads will not be the primary selection device but will be the path to the main Peapod mobile application. At the end of the day this move is all about "position in line".

Peapod has grabbed the high ground with commuters. If those commuters are not using online shopping, Peapod will be there to remind them that they are missing out on a couple of hours per week that might be spent better with family, friends or their Kindle. Some percentage of commuters will try it. More today than yesterday and more tomorrow than today. Of those consumers some will become loyal users. Some will want to continue to use online shopping but switch to ShopRiteFromHome, either due to assortment, price or service issues, or they will go back to store shopping. The important issue in position is that Peapod will gain the consumer first, and those consumers will be theirs to lose.

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