Intel inside the store

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Intel LogoLook for Intel inside, inside the store, that is. Once their chips went into the cash register. Now company is partnering with all kinds of people to create the architecture for in-store digital experiences. Such as? Macy's Beauty Spot kiosks that let you shop for makeup and beauty products without a salesperson. "Endless aisle" screens that allow you to shop online while you're in the store. And vending machines that can make suggestions and let you fill your cart before you pay. In this Bloomberg Businessweek Technology article, Eric Maurillo, SVP of touch technology at Possible Worldwide, says "Intel understands more than anyone else that this is the next frontier. Retail is just starting to commit to these things." Intel is also in the digital sign business, where they manage the technology that allows digital signs to recognize the age, gender and length of time shoppers view them. So here's looking at you, kid.


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