HAPIfork: Another behavior monitoring technology

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HAPIfork: Another behavior monitoring technology

 Heads up!

One more way to use digital feedback to manage your life.

A new technology-enhanced fork will now let you know when you’re eating too fast. HAPIfork wants you to take only one bite every 10 seconds. If you go faster, it alerts you with a vibration and a blinking red light. When it likes your pace, you get a green light and positive reinforcement in the form of a message to your smartphone saying “good timing.”

This WSJ reviewer appreciated the record of her eating habits, but nutrition experts pointed out that if weight loss is the goal, what you eat matters more than how slowly you eat it – whether with fork, spoon or fingers.  One thing the reviewer discovered during the trial was that that most folks consume less than half their total calories actually using a fork.


This type of digital feedback isn’t for everyone (and the HAPIfork didn’t get a thumbs up from the reviewer), but it does have the potential to effect positive changes in lifestyle for those who are inclined to take the feedback. Looking down the road, it may also  serve as a measure of compliance that could be shared with healthcare providers or even play a part shopper marketing via retailer-sponsored challenges, etc.

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