Digital Shopper Marketing: Managing new requirements

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Shifting to digital

Today, traditional media reaches only 180° of shoppers’ available touchpoints; to gain access to the other 180°, you need use digital platforms: the internet, mobile, and social media. An integrated, 360° shopper marketing strategy is a requirement if you’re going to thrive in this new world. But how do you add this to everything else you have to do?

Andy Robinson's paper cuts away the hype and confusing chatter to outline exactly what you need to pay attention to when you're ready to get started.

  • Choose the right media
  • Move into mobile the right way
  • Make your mobile messages successful
  • Discover the real power of social media
  • Learn the four elements of a successful Facebook program

Throughout, real-world examples illustrate how retailers are putting these technologies and tactics to work as they expnd their shopper marketing plans to include digital.

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